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Booking Softwares

AMAs: Ask Me Anything

Informational conversations can really help the community learn from others. We’re excited to be able to bring interesting perspectives, expertise, and fantastic conversations to help the tourism industry.

Tourism Events

Find out about upcoming events, ask for advice on preparing for events, and get recommendations on great events in your area

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

TourConnect Features

Check out new features, planned features, and ask for new features you’d love to see TourConnect build.

Job Opportunities

Have a job vacancy to fill? Post it here. Want to share casual staff? See if there are any companies in your area that want to share resources.


Destinations Category is meant to contain subcategories of all the country destinations around the world. These categories can be created by anyone however we’ll monitor for duplicates. For the most part, this category should not contain any posts, though we’ll see where it goes and if you feel it makes sense to make a post under this category, then feel free.

Marketing Tips

This category is for topics to discuss about marketing activities related to the tourism industry.