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About the Destinations category

Destinations Category is meant to contain subcategories of all the country destinations around the world. These categories can be created by anyone however we’ll monitor for duplicates. For the most part, this category should not contain any posts, though we’ll see where it goes and if you feel it makes sense to make a post under this category, then feel free.

What fits as a destination category?
At this time we feel that a destination topic should be limited to a Country. Inside that category we can have individual topics about items within those countries.

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How can i create a post under/about Tanzania, I mean i can see other countries but i dont see my country “Tanzania”.

Hey @bantupori - I see you’re creating several posts about Tanzania.

We started with just a list to start with and will add new categories as new content is added to the general discussions area.

I’ll go ahead and create a Tanzania category and move your posts to that category. Thanks!

Thank you very much mate !!