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New booking system for day tour operator

We operate a city-based bicycle tour company in Sydney, Australia (Bonza Bike Tours - We have been using a custom-built booking system for over 10 years. We know there are some great new booking systems for companies doing day tours (Rezdy, Booking Boss, Fare Harbor, Zaui, etc.).

Does anyone have any recommendations on these booking systems? What have been your experiences, good and bad, with the system you are using?


I think there is one called Bookeo that has good reviews

I’ve also heard a lot about Peak 15 too


It depends what sort of features you’re looking for, @mike! Redzy is pretty good for collecting booking payments for day tours, while Peek has a ton more other features like giving you the ability to make your business discoverable on their customer-facing side of the platform.

I’m also working on a “back office” system for travel businesses (We Heart Tours) but we have a bunch of features that might not apply to you since they’re more targeted toward multi-day tours. We’re in early Beta now, so let me know if you want to check it out - it’s free and I’d love to get feedback on it!

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Thanks for the reply! I hadn’t looked at Peek, yet, but will do - and I’ll check your application out, as well. Aside from the day-to-day operations of the system, including taking payments, I think connectivity to distribution is important. Our current system does fine enough with operations, so connectivity is key to us making a move.

That’s a good idea to try and expose your inventory data but again it depends what you want to connect to specifically. I can’t think of any “open” marketplace that would just let you simply “dump” your inventory. Most have an approval process (e.g. Tour Radar) or just have the marketplace/aggregation side deeply integrated with their booking/management system (e.g. Peek). Since all of these marketplaces grew independently, they don’t share the same data format and you’d be hard pressed to find a single platform that would accommodate all or at least the large ones.

TrekkSoft has actually put together a quick comparison guide of a few major software providers (with final recommendation being their own offering, of course):

Inventory distribution is actually one of the major problems that we are looking to solve in the near future with We Heart Tours but the variations in the data format are making it a very slow process. :sweat_smile:

Thanks @wehearttours - I’ll check out that article. Yep, we have challenges on the tours and activities side of the industry, but so happy to hear you guys, and others, are working hard to bring our technology up to modern times!:grin: