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Out bound Tours to East Africa For Mountain Gorilla tracking

How can I get in contact with tourist that want to track the endangered mountain Gorillas in Uganda at the best rate?

Hey @blackstarafricaugsaf thanks for coming to our new community forum. I’ve moved your topic to a new category of Marketing Tips as it fits better here. Please also ensure posts limit direct promotional topics and responses.

I believe your question relates to a broader topic of niche or boutique tours and finding travelers to fill tours. I’m excited to see some responses.

What are some of the ways you are currently finding your bookings? Are some of them working better than others? Any methods you want to try but haven’t yet?

Hi Seth, majority of our bookings are suggested by friends and former clients, they are working, we need to be connected to a bigger platform. When you ask about any method we want to try, what do you mean?